Charles D. Lowe: Experienced Divorce, Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney

Charles D. Lowe has been practicing law in the Dayton, Ohio region for over 50 years. During this time he has received some of the industries highest accolades, proving he is a top attorney and capable and yielding the outcome you deserve. There are very few attorneys who have the experience to handle complex and simple divorce cases like Charles D. Lowe. Its this experience you can trust and rely upon when you need to seek legal advice.

Should you decide to seek council you can count on Charles D. Lowe to offer you one-one-one personalized attention. You call and speak with him directly instead of being passed off to paralegals or attorneys who are less experienced. It's common for top attorneys and attorneys in larger firms to disappear after they have taken your retainer fee. Only to be passed of to other attorneys within the same firm with less experience, showing up in the courtroom when the time comes to represent you. Charles D. Lowe feels every one of his clients deserve personalized attention during their time of need throughout the entire process.

When it comes to family and health which are the two of the most important things in life, its imperative you seek counsel that can get you the desired outcome while still easing the burden of the process. Charles D. Lowe has the experience, drive, and compassion to yield you the best possible legal outcome should you decide to seek his legal counsel.

Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and other family law matters can be tough. These cases often present more challenges than other legal issues because they can affect your relationship with your family. In divorce, child custody disputes, enforcement modifications, or parenting issues, the one constant that ties all these cases together is that your family will be forever changed by the litigation process.

Charles D. Lowe is committed to helping you face your family-related legal matters head on with honest, straightforward advice and experienced legal representation. When it comes to complex divorces very few attorneys have the necessary skills of Charles D. Lowe to properly handle your case. He is a results-oriented attorney practicing exclusively in the area of family law and personal injury. This includes divorce and the many issues that can arise from relationships, such as:

The Decision to File for Divorce

Before filing for a divorce, you and your partner should be absolutely certain that your marriage is beyond repair. Initiating a divorce suit in Ohio can become stressful, complicated, and expensive. We recommend seeking legal advice during this decision-making process. An experience divorce lawyer will give you insight on the legal processes involved in divorce, and can help you decide whether it is the best option. If a divorce is deemed necessary, you must consider the actions that follow very carefully.

Personal Injury

A serious injury can leave a person and his or her family confused and overwhelmed. Charles D. Lowe, puts his clients at ease, and, with skill and compassion, works to ensure clients recover monetary compensation.

Clients count on Charles D. Lowe when they have suffered serious injuries to help them also deal with the emotional distress. He represent individuals and families of victims who have been harmed in some of the following ways:

Charles D. Lowe helps clients obtain proper medical care, lost wages, payments for continuing treatment, prescriptions and medical equipment, and compensation for property damage, future losses and pain and suffering. Wrongful death damages can include death and funeral expenses, loss of consortium, loss of future earnings, medical bills and pain and suffering. As you can see Charles D. Lowe is specialized when it comes to personal injury. Its this specialization that will allow him to represent your case in the best possible way to yield the most favorable outcome you deserve.

Settlement, Mediation, or Trial?

In some cases, parties are able to resolve matters without the need for a court hearing by participating in an informal settlement or mediation. We encourage you to consider these options to avoid the stress and expense which accompanies litigation/trials. In other cases however, parties positions are so polarized that settlement is unrealistic, and the facts must be heard by a court. When this occurs Charles D. Lowe is ready to fight for your rights.

Family and Health are Important. Choose the Experience of Charles D. Lowe.

In life nothing is more important than family and health. As such, who you choose to represent you in your family law or personal injury case is an important decision which should be made with care. Charles D. Lowe has been representing the people of Dayton for over 50 years. His experience and accolades prove that he is a top attorney that is capable of yielding the outcome you desire. He is committed to helping you manage and preserve your family's assets, rather than wasting those assets on unnecessary or excessive legal fees. During this time you will receive one-on-one personalized attention rather than being passed off to attorneys with less experience or paralegals. It matters to Charles D. Lowe that you receive this personalized attention and are kept informed during the entire process to help ease your burden.

If you are looking for a top experienced attorney who has the skills to win your case and who truly cares about you, your family, and your legal issues, please contact Charles D. Lowe today.